Monday, May 26, 2014

Make Way for Baylor Kent

I'm back... now at 34 weeks and THREE baby showers later!

First important tidbit: his name will be Baylor Kent Doherty :)  Baylor for obvious reasons (this from the couple with the "Most Baylor Proud Wedding Ever?!?"), and Kent is Brad's middle name, as well as dad's and grandpa's!

Now on to the baby-spoiling fun. 

We flew to Texas the last weekend of March (Brad flew down a bit before me, and Jenna came too!  Yay for showing off Texas to my NY friend).  On Saturday Teri threw a baseball-themed shower in  Mesquite.  It was SO cute, from the string of baseball onesies to the hot dogs/popcorn/nachos for refreshments, to the guest book (sign Baylor's first baseball glove!)  Got to see lots of family and friends!

 Note the green and gold ball cap with the 'B' :)

I didn't get enough 'people pictures' with the guests at the shower :( but here's one Marybeth took, with me and Teri!  Hooray for adorable Baylor polo onesie.
And, probably my favorite bump picture...

We were only in town for three days, but we made sure to squeeze in several Texas-themed activities for Jenna!  Including Tex-Mex for the first three meals that she was there.  Can never get enough.

 First Tex-Mex meal...out on the patio by the lake, ahhh.  (Meanwhile it was still super cold and snowy in NY, so this was pretty much the best thing.)

Trip to Bass Pro Shops!

 Within hours of arriving in TX, Jenna was shootin' :)

 Creamy jalapeno at Chuy's!!!

She even found some time to stop by Cavender's and get her first pair of cowboy boots!

 En route to Austin for the next shower, we made sure to stop by our dear Baylor campus.  Here, in front of the building where we got married <3

 Of course we had to get Jenna on Judge Baylor's lap for a picture.

Up next (the very next day!), we had the Austin shower!  My mom's friend Dee hosted, and my mom worked hard with Dee, her daughter Laura, and Jill to put together some super-cute foods and decorations.  It was an underwater theme, just like Baylor's nursery :)

 With my 2 momma friends!  Cait had Bekah in February, and Sarah will be a July momma like me!

 I was so happy to meet Miss Bekah Jo!  (posing here with Jackie!)

 A "Daddy Toolbelt" for Brad!  So clever!

 Blanket made by my great grandma Esther

 Diaper motorcycle!

On our way home from the Austin shower (on such a gorgeous day!) we squeezed in another Texas tradition for Jenna: bluebonnet pictures!

It was a truly awesome weekend, with lots packed in to a short time (we left on Monday!).  It was so good seeing family and friends, and we definitely felt the love with so many coming out to the showers and bringing gifts for Mr. Baylor.

Oh, and on Friday in Dallas, Teri got us a 3D/4D ultrasound, so we got to see his sweet face another time!  (My doc only does a 12-week and a 20-week ultrasound so this was a very special treat).

Since we've been back home, we've been doing quite a bit to get ready for baby.  Brad and I took 3 nights of a "Prepared Childbirth" class, which helped to understand the process and a little more of what to expect (I'm a little less terrified now!)  Two weeks ago we drove down to Baltimore to pick up nursery furniture from Hayley - she just had baby Nora Belle, and they gave us Aevry's black crib furniture in favor of white for Nora.

Sweet baby!

We also had another baby shower, hosted by Jenna, with the help of Brianna and Lindsey!  This one was co-ed, which worked out great.  The guys had beers and lawn games in the back, while the girls played all the cute shower games :)

 The one shower game the guys got to participate in...drinking contest from baby bottles ;)


 The whole crew!

 Dan got us a stuffed snake!  Brad was a huge fan.

All the lovely hostesses

Yet another great event, and again feeling overwhelmed by all the love for our baby :)

Beyond the baby stuff, we've been just doing fun things as a couple, since we know life as we know it will change a LOT when we are a family of three.  Still having fun game nights with friends:

We also went hiking when the weather was starting to get better (before I was...this huge..)

And, we have our own little "Pre-baby checklist" going for all those things that will be harder when Baylor makes his debut.  
  •  Road trip (Baltimore!)
  • See a movie in the theater (Captain America)
  • Go out to a nice dinner (still planning to do this one)
  • Weekend getaway
We just completed that last item yesterday...found a Groupon for a resort in Lake Placid, so we went up on Friday after my appointment, stayed that night, and spent most of yesterday hanging around.  There was a lot of rain on the drive up, but Saturday turned out to be dry, with some sunshiney periods.

Once we got into town, we had dinner at a self-proclaimed Tex Mex restaurant (it did not disappoint!) then we went to the hotel's bar so Brad could use the two drink coupons that came with the Groupon - I had a cherry coke :)  We finished off the evening with swimming in the hotel pool...I don't think I've gone swimming at all this pregnancy, and it was pretty divine to let my belly feel weightless!

Yesterday morning we had a yummy breakfast (banana Nutella crepe, mmm), then when to check out the Olympics stuff (like ya do, in Lake Placid...)  We saw the rinks for the 1932 winter Olympics and the 1980 "Miracle on Ice", then drove over to the ski jumps.  Took an elevator to the top and got to see first-hand what the ski jumpers were facing - yeah I could never do that! There were some beautiful views though, as the clouds were finally clearing.  Then, we packed it up and headed back home - with some shakes at Stewart's for the road :)

 View from our hotel room

 Nutella-crazy: banana nutella crepe and a hazelnut latte with nutella swirl

 From the top of the ski jump


 Not winner.

 Okay, you can win too.

Whoa, that camera angle.  I'm quite bumpy these days!

And on that note, I'll leave you with my next round of bump pictures! (With some 'nursery previews' sprinkled in...)

28 Weeks

 29 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks